Stadium Donezk

Donezk – Ukraine


Due to the strong mining activities in this region, relatively high potential deformations in the steel structure had to be considered during the design process.
This and the necessary adaptation were solved in close cooperation with a scientific institute in Kiev.


Shopping Mall Moscow City

Moscow - Russia


Apart from the size of the atrium of almost 10,000 m2, which was already a challenge, the entire roof glazing should be heated. As the available electrical power was limited, it was necessary to find an intelligent solution to enable electrical control and power supply that could manage the existing resources.


Also in this project it was necessary to adapt the construction to the existing conditions and to organize the necessary adaptation including performance tests and functional tests.


Atrium Federation Tower

Moscow – Russia


Unfortunately, the project was extremely problematic in the completion due to an unscheduled construction freeze and the subsequent elimination of a major supplier.

However, by developing an alternative variant and mobilizing local resources, the project was completed to the satisfaction of the client.



Office Complex Dukat Place

Moscow – Russia


This is not a new building but the repair of a façade partially destroyed by fire damage.
On the basis of a detailed analysis, the corresponding repair measures were determined and the corresponding new parts and building materials procured. The façade was then repaired within a very short time.



Stadium Lviv

Lviv – Ukraine


The task consisted in the coordination of the entire steel construction for the roof construction including the roofing as well as all installations, such as catwalks, sound system, lighting system, scoreboards and antennas.
Unfortunately, the shortfall of a major supplier during the construction phase had to be compensated for this project. Within a very short time an alternative was found and implemented, so that the stadium was ready for action on time for the European Championship.



Atrium TSUM

Kiev – Ukraine


Complete support from the preparation of quotations to the design, manufacture, adaptation to the local authorities, procurement of all materials and finally the full site management on the construction site to the turnkey handover to the client.

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