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Technical standards

In Russia, the technical standard is the Russian standard, which is above international standards. It thus forms the basis for all plants, equipment or structures.
We advise you on the current state of the valid local standards and regulations and inform you about possible risks to your project.




Adaptation of technical documentations


According to Russian legislation, all technical documents such as drawings, calculations and specifications must comply with Russian standards and be adapted and then legalized by local "adapters". It should be noted that the documentation is executed according to the standardized formatting and contents.
We will advise you in advance and prepare your documents accordingly.





Technical performance tests


In order to prove the quality of a certain product and compliance with Russian standards, tests are carried out on original samples under the supervision of appropriate Russian institutes with the necessary state approval, which prove the conformity.
We establish contact with the test institutes and coordinate and organize the corresponding tests until the successful issuance of the test protocol.




Quality passports


All goods imported into Russia require a quality passport containing all relevant information on the product and confirming compliance with Russian standards.
We offer you advice in advance and the creation of quality passes based on your specifications.





Method statements (PPR)


Similar to technical documents, method statements must also contain specific contents, such as occupational safety regulations or the use of tools and lifting and handling equipment.
Since each project has its own specifics, we analyze them in advance and tailor a PPR to your project based on the results.





As-built Documentation


For each project an as-built documentation is required, which confirms the correct assembly of the products or services. It differs from the European countries in Russia and is built according to clear guidelines.
We advise you in advance about the correct scheme and the necessary documents or create on your request the as-built documentation for you.



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